The Fitness Foundation Pyramide

Build a strong body with the fitness foundation pyramide

The best way to build a strong and healthy body is to follow the steps of The Fitness Foundation Pyramide. The Fitness Foundation Pyramid provides a prioritized list of training objectives. Each objective creates the foundation for the next. For example, your core strength will directly impact your balance. Both balance and flexibility are key objectives to achieve optimal form and technique. You need proper form and technique before you start with progressive overload.

Start at the right level

Developing a strong and healthy body takes commitment and determination. If you want to build a resilient physique, it’s important to start at the appropriate level of the Fitness Foundation Pyramid.

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The Fitness Foundation Pyramide


Progressive Overload

Proper Form and Technique



Core Strength

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By integrating these principles into your fitness routine, you can build a strong foundation for a healthy body. Focus on core strength, balance, flexibility, proper form, progressive overload, nutrition, and rest to achieve overall physical well-being and performance.